Westley Richards & Co. 1867 triangle Portuguese Portugal breech opening system military brass mounts


Military Rifle – Portuguese Contract

Maker: Westley Richards & Co., Birmingham, United Kingdom

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A  Portuguese military contract, Westley Richards & Company, Monkey Tail rifle.  It is a 45 caliber, breech loading percussion rifle. The lock plate is stamped ”WESTLEY RICHARDS & Co”, and “1867” within a triangle, just behind the hammer.  It is stamped, on the left side of the action, with the serial number “P2533”, and “427” is stamped in the wood of the same side.  The number “483” is stamped on top of the barrel, just behind the sight.  The top of the action is stamped “WESTLEY RICHARDS PATENT” and “70 GRAINS”, to the left of the nipple.  The bayonet lug is stamped with what appears to be the numbers “2533”.  The butt plate, trigger guard, and forend cap are brass.  The rifle still retains its original ramrod and European walnut stock.


Caliber: .45 percussion

Overall Length: 48.75″

Barrel Length: 33″


Condition: Iron parts have a good brown patina – A couple of screws have been cleaned, or replaced – Stock has many dents and bumps – Brass parts have a good age patina with the exception of the rear portion of the trigger guard which appears to have been cleaned, years ago – Action is tight and crisp – Bore is very good


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