Civil War Smith Carbine


Smith’s Patent Martial Carbine

Circa: 1861 – 1865

Maker: American Machine Works, Springfield, Mass.

Serial Number: 9046

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A very nice, high condition, Smith’s Patent, Civil War era, Martial carbine.  It is made by the American Machine Works of Springfield, Massachusetts. The serial number is stamped “9046” on the frame and the barrel lug.  “Address Poultney & Trimble Baltimore, U.S.A. is stamped on the left side of the receiver.  Two deeply struck Government cartouches are stamped on the left side of the stock, at the wrist.  The barrel is stamped “L.F.R.” on the left side at the breech end, and the forend is stamped “H.D.W.” on the underside at the breech.  These are the Government inspector’s initials who inspected this Smith carbine, at the time of it’s delivery to the U.S. arsenal .  The barrel is blued, the frame is case hardened, and the stock is oil finished.  This gun may have never been issued, and may be unfired.


Caliber: .50 percussion

Overall Length: 39.125″

Barrel Length: 21.55″


Condition: Frame & hammer retain vivid original case colors – Barrel shows nearly all of the original blue finish – Stock & forend with a fabulous oil finish and much of the raised grain with a few nicks and marks, including some damage and a chip at the toe in front of the buttplate, apparently dropped, at some point – Barrel hinge tight – Bore is bright with deep rifling – Action very tight


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