Civil War dug-up pistol wooden grips cap and ball antique


1860 Army

Maker: Colt’s Mfg. Co., Hartford, Conn

Serial Number:186920

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A wonderful 1860 Colt  Army percussion revolver.  This pistol has walnut grips, but we do not believe they are original, to this gun.  It has matching serial numbers on the barrel, frame and brass triggerguard.  The backstrap number probably matches, but the rust has eaten a couple of the numbers.


Caliber: .44 percussion

Overall Length: 13.75″

Barrel Length: 8″


Condition: Relic / rusty condition overall pitted, but NOT flakey – Brass has a good aged patina, with what appears to be a few grinding marks, just behind the triggerguard, obviously done, long ago –  Complete except for a missing wedge spring – Action frozen – Bore rusty


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