antique D. Egg John Egg brass folding triggers barrel wrenches boxlock sliding safety London England center hammer


Pair Flint Pistols

Maker: D. Egg, London, England

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A fine pair of English, brass framed, boxlock pistols.  The left side plates are both inscribed “D. Egg”, and “London” on the right side plate.  Each pistol has a barrel wrench embedded within the walnut stock, for removing the brass screw barrel of the other pistol, for loading.


Caliber: .44

Overall Length: 7″

Barrel Length: 2.40″


Condition: Brass appears to have been cleaned, many years ago, and are now toning to a mellow mustard color, one has been cleaned a bit more than the other, which has weakened the markings – Stocks are very good, one has only minor marks, the other has 2 cracks, at the barrel wrench area – Actions are crisp and folding triggers pop down perfectly


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