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Wheellock Pistol

Maker: Possibly George Terry

Circa: 1960’s with some 16th Century parts

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A very ornately inlaid, contemporary copy of a 16th Century wheellock pistol with an original lock plate.  It is a large, walnut stocked pistol with a ball butt, and a high relief iron barrel, featuring an open mouth dragon at the muzzle.  The pistol still retains its original ramrod.  The engraved inlays are exquisite, and executed with a very high degree of skill and craftsmanship.  There are vines, flowers, dragons, nudes, castles, villages and several stone bridges or archways.  We believe this pistol was made by George Terry, in the 1960’s, but we can not confirm this.  The ball butt is inscribed “K55C”, and the lock plate is hallmarked, but we are unable to tell you what they mean.


Caliber: .50

Overall Length: 28″

Barrel Length: 18.40″


Condition: Iron parts have a light grey color – original lock plate has some pitting, and some replaced parts – Stock and inlays are excellent, except for 1/2″ of inlay missing on the left side, behind the last dragon’s tail – We do not have the wrench for this pistol – Did not try the action


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