Firearms Curiosa Lewis Winant 4th model pistol grip Frederick Reuthe Hartford Conn. 28 caliber original


Trap Gun

Maker: Frederick Reuthe, Hartford, Conn.

Circa: Late 1850’s

Serial Number: 2411

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An antique trap gun made by Frederick Reuthe, using his 1857 patent design.  This example is a 4th model with two 4 inch barrels.  There is an excellent article by Melvin Flanigan, in the Journal of The American Society of Arms Collectors, which outlines the models and features of these guns. This model was made to receive either a pistol grip handle or a steel shaft with a ring.  The barbs would have been loaded with bait, the barrels loaded with powder and projectiles, percussion caps loaded onto the nipples, and then push the barbs into the pistol to set the trigger.  An animal would take the bait and receive a fatal blow to the head.  A very effective weapon.


Caliber: .28 percussion

Overall Length: 15″

Barrels: 4″


Condition: Barrels and grip retains most of their original shiny black paint finish – Barbs and Cocking Lever appear to be a dull gun blue finish with most remaining – Have not tested the action, but appears to be complete


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