Knuckle knife leather scabbard WW 2 fighting staples cast aluminum alloy rare


Fighting Knife

Maker: Everitt Company

Circa: WW II

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A rare, original, Everitt knuckle style, fighting knife.  It is believed these knives were used by US soldiers, during WW II, as a trench knife in the Pacific theater.  It has a green painted aluminum alloy handle with “EVERITT”, cast into the handle below the grip, on both sides.  The knife has a double edge straight sided stabbing blade, with a single narrow blood groove in the center, and appears to have a parkerized finish.  This example retains its original brown leather scabbard with six metal staples at the throat, 10 rivets, the extra long loop for securing the knife’s larger handle and a steel reinforcing plate on the back.


Overall Length: 13.25″ in Scabbard

Overall Length: 11.80″ Knife only

Blade Length: 6.70″

Blade width: .88″


Condition: Handle retains almost all of its original paint with only minor chips and marks – Blade retains most of its dark finish – Scabbard is excellent with a good light color, tight stitching, and only minor scuffs and marks – Missing is the leg tie strap, found attached to the bottom ring of the scabbard


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