1911 Pioneer Swiss sawback sword type authentic butcher



Sawback Bayonet for the 1911 Schmidt – Rubin Carbine

Maker: Elsener Schwyz, Switzerland

Serial Number: 622975.

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An all original, sawback bayonet, for the 1911 Swiss Schmidt-Rubin carbine.  The right side ricasso, of this sabre type bayonet, is stamped ”Elsener Schwyz”.  There is a small Swiss cross stamped in the underside of the cross guard, with the serial number stamped in the left side edge.  The grips scales are wood.


Overall Length: 23.80″

Blade Length: 18.75″

Blade Width at Ricasso: 1.18″

Blade Width at Front: 1.16″


Condition: Nice blade with some staining and minor nicks – Grips are very good – Hilt has some scattered rust areas – Release button functions properly


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