acorn finial oval escutcheon plate sliding safety British English bayonet



Flintlock Blunderbuss

Maker: D. Egg, London, England

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A very nice D. Egg, London made, iron barrel flintlock blunderbuss.  It has a folding bayonet with a spring loaded mechanisim.  The barrel, butt plate, side plate, lock and trigger guard are all floral engraved.  The gun is brass mounted with a walnut stock, a horn tipped ramrod and a sliding safety on its upper tang.  “London” is hand engraved on the top of the barrel.


Overall Length with Bayonet: 44.50″

Overall Length of Gun: 31.80″

Barrel Length: 16.125″

Outside Diameter of Muzzle: 1.41″


Condition: Iron parts have a nice dark age patina – Brass mounts have a medium mustard color patina – Stock is good with much of its original finish remaining and only minor marks, and 2 small cracks, one on the left side at the muzzle and the other at the toe of the butt – Action is very good – Bore has some roughness


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