Civil War import Union Confederate Alexis Godillot spurless hammer Paris French 19th century antique


Cartridge Revolver

Maker: Perrin, Paris, France

Circa: American Civil War

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An original, American Civil War era, French Perrin cartridge revolver.  The gun is a 6 shot 12 mm. cartridge revolver with a one piece walnut grip.  Five hundred and fifty of these were delivered to the US Federal Government, by Alexis Godillit, in 1862.  There were also some purchased for the Southern Confederacy.  This pistol would be a good project or could be used for parts.


Caliber: 12mm

Overall Length: 12″

Barrel Length: 6.25″


Condition: Overall grey/brown age patina – Missing upper portion of hammer, safety lever on the left side and a portion of the ejector rod assembly – Grip is very good with only minor bumps and marks, but is missing the butt cap – Action does not work


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