boxlock brass Belgian cannon barrel flint pistol engraved 47 caliber engraved early 1800s



Flint Pistol

Maker: Unknown – Belgium

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An attractive, early 1800’s, brass cannon barrel, box lock flint pistol.  The frame and trigger guard are engraved.  The grips are walnut.  It is Belgian proofed at the breech end of the barrel, on the left side.  It is also stamped “TM” on the underside of the barrel.  It is from the Hope Bisbing Collection.


Caliber: Approx. .47

Overall Length: 7.25″

Barrel Length: 3.20″


Condition: Brass has been cleaned, probably years ago, and has toned to a medium mustard color – Iron parts retain a good untouched dark age patina – Grip is cracked on the left side, and expertly repaired at the upper right side – 3 pivot, retaining pins appear to be replaced, as they are bright metal – Action does NOT function properly and is missing the frizzen spring


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