Mexican Pieper revolving carbine Belgium Nagant gas seal system antique authentic Ejercito Mexicano


Mexican Government Revolving Carbine

Maker: H. Pieper of Begium – 1890’s

Serial Number: 444

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An antique Mexican Pieper revolving carbine.  It is the 1893 model, made in Belgium, by H. Pieper Leige.  These 9 shot revolving cylinder carbines were adopted by the Mexican Rurales, in the 1890’s.  It is chambered for the 8mm Pieper cartridge.  The action is based on the 1895 “gas-seal” Nagant revolver.  The frame, cylinder and cylinder crane are stamped with the serial number “444”.  The bottom of the receiver is stamped the Mexican Government number “G. M. No 295”.  The top of the receiver is stamped “EJERCITO MEXICANO”.  The top of the tang in stamped “H. PIEPER Bte LIEGE”, and the left side plate is stamped “EJERCITO MEXICANO”.  The wooden fore-end is made of two pieces, completely enclosing the barrel.  The butt plate has a compartment door, for a sectional cleaning rod housing, but this stock has not been drilled.


Caliber: 8mm

Overall Length: 37.3″

Barrel Length: 19.75″


Condition: All iron parts are an overall heavy dark aged patina with some light pitting, some light cleaning, at the top of the receiver, has been done to reveal its stamping – All markings are weak – Wood has some nicks, scratches, and one area of filler on the right side, near the muzzle – Actions fuctions perfectly – Bore is dark


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