1841 Mississippi Rifle 20 stars shaking hands U.S. Military issue stand of arms motif pre Civil War 19th century


Powder Flask

Maker: Batty Powder Flask Co., U.S.A.

Manufacturing Date: 1854

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An authentic, 19th century, U.S. Peace Flask by Batty.  It is dated 1854, and is Inspector marked with a “B”.  It features the ”shaking hands” motif on each side. These flasks were issued with the 1841 Mississippi Rifle and many other military long guns.  Attached to one of the hanger rings is an old museum or collection’s tag.


Overall Length: 10″

Width: 4″

Thickness: 1.75″


Condition: Very nice untouched dark age patina with a few small dings and a couple of very slight seam separations – Charger retains traces of its original gold gilt finish, and works perfectly


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