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Surgeon’s Amputation Set

Maker Marks: “Wood” on most of the tools and “Fannin & Co. Dublin” on one of the knives

Circa: 1860’s

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This is a complete surgical set as used for field amputations during the American Civil War.  It still retains its original brass bound hardwood case, lined in its original red velvet, with eleven ebony handled instruments.

Included:  1) Capital saw, used for cutting large bones.

2) Three large amputation knives, the largest being an incredible 16″, all used for incising skin and large muscle tissue.

3) a Catlin or double-edged knife for flap type amputation procedures.

4) a Rongeur for contouring stumps or cutting tendons. Rongeurs are often missing from sets as they were useful for a variety of other tasks after the set was no longer needed for field surgery.

5) Metacarpal saw used for small bone sawing.

6) Scalpel for incising smaller more delicate tissues.

7) Tenaculum for re-ordering and tying off arteries from the stump.

8) Artery forceps for grasping arteries without damaging arterial walls.

9) Wooden spool and bone wire.

10) Tourniquet clamp, used to tie off blood flow during amputaion.

11) Foreign body probe (stored between grips of Rongeur) used to locate foreign items in the wound.  The blunt end helps avoid injury to tissue, veins or nerves.  Also used for large suturing.

12) Suture needles,located in the compartment beneath the capital saw.


Case Dimensions: 16.75″ x 6.5″ x 3″

Saw Overall Length: 15.50″


Condition: Case shows age, use, scuffs and marks, original brass plaque, in the lid, has been replaced with a piece of wood – Inside lining shows some fraying and two interior wood partitions are loose or broken – 3 knife handles show shrinkage cracks – Saw blade has some staining – Scalpel blade is stained and the handle is excellent


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