1895 Dutch Männlicher rifle bayonet Alexander Coppel T back blade



For the Dutch 1895 Mannlicher Rifle

Maker: Alexander Coppel Co., Solengen, Germany

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The bayonet for the Dutch Mannlicher, model 1895, rifle.  Included is its leather scabbard and frog, for atachment to the belt.  This bayonet was made by the Alexander Coppel Co., from 1900 to 1905.  The crossguard is stamped “#647”.  The blade is stamped with a crown over a B on one side and an A & C with a balance scale in between, on the other side.  The frog is stamped “CW” on the front side and has 3 sets of numbers on the back side “1917 // 9881 // 2061”.  The upper two numbers appear to have lines stamped over them, so the last number would be the one that was valid, at the time of its last use.


Overall Length in Scabbard: 22.25

Overall Length of Bayonet only: 18.8″

Length of Blade: 14.10″


Condition: Blade retains most of its original bright blue finish – Hilt retains approx. 50% of its original finish – Wood grips have one chip on the right side, and only slight traces of finish – Scabbard is in nice condition, supple, with only minor scuffs and scratches


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