“Steel Pot”

Maker: British

Circa: World War One

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A World War One, 27th Division, “Doughboy” helmet.  The Division insignia is painted in black & red paint on the front of the helmet.  The 27th was a New York unit and was present at the Battle of Somme which was one of the bloodiest battles of WW 1.  This Division was led by John F. O’Ryan and was nicknamed “The O’Ryan’s Roughnecks”.  This “Steel Pot” is British made with its liner and a leather chinstrap intact.  On the underside of the brim it is stamped “FS 164”.  There appears to be a name witten on the chinstrap, but we can not make it out.


Average Diameter: 11.50″


Condition: Paint and insignia are original and absolutely real – It is just as you would want to see a helmet that was there, with a few half dollar size dents to prove it


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