Fighting Knife

Maker: Unknown, probably American

Circa: WW 2

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An authentic WW 2 era, theatre made, fighting knife.  It has an M3 blade and a hand made iron, knuckle type, handle.  The handle appears to have been made from a steel plate that was heavily rusted, before the knife was assembled, as the finger holes are not pitted like the flat surfaces.  The knife is in an M 8 scabbard made by B.M. Co. with the number “36” in white paint just under the throat.


Overall Length, in Scabbard: 12.80″

Knife Length: 10.75″

Blade Length: 6.20″

Handle Thickness: .340″


Condition: Blade has some original blue finish with some finish loss and staining, and some edge nicks – Handle is heavily pitted – Scabbard shows use and the web hanger is oil soaked


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