GANG MOLD – BRASS – 7 Balls – 4 Sizes – Marked “W. DAVIS”


7 Cavity – 4 Sizes
Brass Gang Mold
Maker: W. Davis

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A great looking antique brass gang mold. It will cast seven round balls, in four different sizes, and is clearly marked, on one edge, “18 / 24 / 36 / 48” for the bore sizes. It is also marked “W. Davis”, on the same side, on the lower body of the mold.


Calibers: 18/24/36/48
Overall Length: 14.2″


Condition: Brass has a very good dark aged patina, mixed with a bit of green verdigris. Someone has lightly cleaned the top edge, to better show the markings – The iron hinge pin has a very dark untouched patina – Cavities in excellent condition


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