US Military Officer’s Swagger Stick
Carved Wood Cobra
Maker: Unknown

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A very interesting US Military Officer’s swagger stick. It is carved wood with some sort of filler to highlight the cobra’s scales. We are unsure of the time period for this, but believed it to be no earlier than the Spanish American War, and no later than WW II. The tip is an empty .30-.40 Krag cartridge. Applied just below the cobra, at about 1/3rd from the top, is a brass “U.S.” military collar insignia embedded into the wood.


Overall Length: 26.50″
Diameter at Base of Cobra: .984″


Condition: Several scuffs & scratches with some tiny white paint splatters (may scrap off with thumb nail) – Most of the original varnish still remains – One outer edged of the snake hood has a .825″ x .140″ chip missing – Brass has a nice aged patina with a hole in the wood just above the insignia, as if there may have been something there, and is now missing – Cartridge tip has a light aged patina


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