Porcelain Figurine of a Pair of Hunting Dogs

Maker: Royal Dux, Czech Republic

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A large Royal Dux porcelain figurine.  It is a pair of hunting dogs, the female is a dark brown the male is a reddish brown, both have very expressive faces.  It is signed by the artist “Solubert” on the base, at the backside, near the dog’s feet.  It is made in the Czech Republic, and is hand painted.  We believe it to be made after World War II, and probably in the 1990’s.  It is numbered and stamped under the base, and has its embossed pink clay triangle with the letter “D”, just under the lip.


Height: 11.5″

Base Length: 15.25″

Base Width: 6.45″


Condition: Excellent, NO chips, cracks or damage


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