Mc Clellan Cavalry Saddle Sucingle

Maker: Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Illinois

Circa: Early 1860’s


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An original surcingle for the 1859 model McClellan saddle.  It is made of blue wool webbing and black leather straps with a Japanned black iron roller buckle.  It is stamped “ROCK ISLAND // ARSENAL // C.H.G.” on the end of the leather billet, and “85”, “66 or 99” and “3” on the attaced end of the billet.  It is also stamped “66 or 99″ on both keepers.  This would have been used, early in the American Civil War, by Union Cavalry troops or mounted Officers.


Overall Length: 84″

Width of Webbing: 3.10″

Width of Strap: 1.46”


Condition: Webbing appears to have been cut and sewn together at the buckle end with some fraying and stitched reinforcing – Leather is soft and supple with some surface cracking, especially on its keepers, with a small loss to one – Buckle retains nearly all of its original finish


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