Black japanned finish iron frame rosewood transitional Merwin an Bray .42 caliber J.H. White W.C.Ellis authentic



Belt Model Revolver

Maker: Plant’s Manufacturing Company, New Haven, Connecticut

Patented: July 12, 1859

Serial Number: 585

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An American Civil War era, iron frame, Plant revolver.  It has rosewood grips, and a black Japanned finish on the frame, cylinder, and barrel.  It is a transitional model with features of both the second and third models.


Caliber: .42 Cupfire cartridge

Overall Length: 10.75″

Barrel Length: 5.90″


Condition: Frame, barrel & cylinder retain a large percentage of the original black Japanned finish – Hammer & Trigger with some remaining original case hardened finish – Grips retain most of their original finish with very minor marks – Action is crisp and tight


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