1841 Mississippi // Indian Used

Maker: U.S. Armory at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Lock Dated: 1847

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A well used 1841 Mississippi, made at Harpers Ferry in 1847.  The gun was in the noteworthy, late, James Dresslar Collection, American Frontier Museum, of Bargersville, Indiana. Mr. Dresslar had an outstanding collection of relics dating from the pre-historic period to and including Wounded Knee. His collection contained a large and comprehensive display of Trade Silver, Powder Horns, Indian Guns, Kentucky Rifles, Stone Artifacts, Accouterments, Frontier Knives as well as other items of historic importance. This particular arm shows many of the characteristics typically found on Indian used rifles including great age, heavy use, and several tacks.  It also has an iron butt plate.  It probably left the Harpers Ferry Arsenal, in 1847, was issued to the U.S. Army, and then went to fight in the Mexican War, and may have even served in the American Civil War, and some of our Indian Wars before finding its way into Indian hands.


Caliber: .58 percussion

Overall Length: 48.75″

Barrel Length: 33″


Condition: Forestock has several large cracks, and missing slivers of wood – Barrel bands, hammer screw, ramrod and bayonet lug, all missing – Wood & metal surfaces show good untouched aged patina – Barrel is dated “1852” which means it or the lock was replaced, probably during its period of use, as they appear to have been together for a very long time


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