Framed Oil Painting

Artist: George Debereiner, American (1860 – 1939).

Circa: 1900’s


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An antique portrait of an American Indian Chief “Masmego”.  It is an oil painting on canvas, framed.  It is signed and painted by George Debereiner who was a member of the CIncinnati Art Academy, and known for his Indian portraits.  Although his work rarely surfaces, he was a contemporary of Sharp and Farny.  His signature is etched into the canvas in the upper right corner, with “Masmego” in oil above the signature.
Dimensions of Frame: 24.30″ x 20.50″
Dimensions of Painting: 20″ x 16″


Condition: Good with only some inpaint visible under ultra-violet light.  This inpaint consists of washy areas relegated to the sitter’s chest and shoulders.  No inpaint visible in the face or near the signature or title – NOT relined – Frame is newer, in good condition with very minor marks. (some remarks made by Cowan’s 2002)


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