Hunting Sword

Maker: Unknown European

Circa: 1720-1770

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A very early European hunting sword.  From our research we date this sword from 1720 to 1770.  It has an ivory and engraved brass handle in the form of an animal’s hoof, and an “s” shaped quillion ending in hoofs.  The brass langet is in the shape of a bird.  The iron blade is engraved with words, we can not decipher, and some decorative designs.


Overall Length: 24.75″

Blade Length: 19.40″

Blade Width: 1.16″


Condition: Brass has a nice medium mustard color, aged patina – Ivory has its typical stress lines, but very solid with a beautiful age patina – Blade has some pitting and edge nicks, probably cleaned, many years ago, and the engraving is now thin and difficult to discern – Handle is slightly loose on blade


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