U.S. Riflemen’s Knife

Maker: Andrew G. Hicks, Cleveland, Ohio

C. Late 1830’s

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A rare, frontier modified, Hicks Riflemen’s knife, with its even rarer original, issue, scabbard.  The Hicks knife was the earliest U.S. Government contracted knives, issued to Companies of “Riflemen” of the United States Army, circa late 1830’s.  The single edge, straight blade has an accentuated slant to the spear point, and is sharpened on both edges for 3″.  The crossguard is a heavy elliptical brass.  The tarred black leather scabbard has a wide belt loop attached to the top of the brass reinforced throat and still retains its brass tip.  The original rosewood grips have been replaced with stag antler handles, that fit a left hand very nicely.

This knife comes from the late Jim Dresslar Collection, relic hunter and owner of the American Frontier Museum in Bargersville, Indiana. Mr. Dresslar had an outstanding collection of relics dating from the pre-historic period up to and including Wounded Knee. His collection contained a large and comprehensive display of, amongst other items, Trade Silver, Powder Horns, Indian Guns, Kentucky Rifles, Stone artifacts, Accoutrements, Frontier Knives, etc. He died in 2011, creating a void in our collecting community yet providing a vast number of relics to be passed down to present, and future collectors. A real piece of history that would display nicely, in anyone’s collection.


Overall Length: 13.130″

Blade Length: 8.90″


Condition: Guard has a wonderful dark mustard colored age patina – Grip is well worn with great untouched color – Blade was cleaned, years ago, and has some scattered pitting & staining and one small nick to the sharpened edge – Scabbard tar has cracked with age, brass is a very dark aged patina


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