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Hall’s Military Breechloaders

Author: Peter A. Schmidt

ISBN: 0917218736

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Hall’s Military Breechloaders by Peter A. Schmidt.  This exceptional book tells the whole story behind these bold and innovative weapons.  They were used by the Dragoons and soldiers of the Mexican War and the American Civil War.  The book is illustrated with 182 photographs, and diagrams.  Never before has so much information, on the Military Halls, been made available, before this publication.  It has become the standard reference on this subject.  The book includes a Table of Contents and an Index.


232 Pages – black/white

Publisher: Andrew Mowbray Publishers – 1996

Hardcover with original color dust jacket

Dimensions: 11.30″ x 8.75″ x .80″


Condition: Like new, with NO damage


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