Germanic Flint Rifle

Maker: Unknown

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An antique Germanic flint rifle with brass inlays.  The swamped barrel is engraved and silver inlaid.  The rear sight is quite ornate, with a hinged leaf.  The stock appears to be walnut with one barrel retaining key.  There is a wooden patchbox in the butt, a brass butt plate, and an iron ramrod with a wooden tip under the barrel.  On the left side is a sling swivel.


Caliber: Approx. .55

Overall Length: 39.50″

Barrel Length: 25.75″

Muzzle: 1″ Across


Condition: Iron lock has a good age patina – Barrel appears to have been cleaned, years ago, and is now a light grey/brown patina with some scattered pitting – Stock has a good age patina with many scuffs, and dings, and shows some damage, and repairs, below the lock plate, and a sliver of wood has been replaced just above the patchbox – Patchbox cover is slightly lighter in color than the stock, and someone has used tape, inside, to shim it to fit – Some losses of both the brass and silver inlays – Action operates as it should


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