19th century patent # 6723 Robbins And Lawrence 4 shot ring trigger antique engraved cast steel



Pepperbox Pistol

Maker: George Leonard Jr., Charlestown, Massachusetts

Circa: 1849 – 1850

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A very unique, 4 shot, pepperbox pistol.  It was made by George Leonard Jr., a former Allen & Thurber employee.  It has an iron frame, factory engraved with a broad scroll motif.  It has a concealed hammer, ring trigger, and walnut, bag shaped, grips.  The 1849 patent specifications direct that to fire the pistol, the ring cocking trigger be first pulled back by the middle finger and then the forward trigger be pulled by the forefinger.


Caliber: .31 percussion

Overall Length: 6.50″

Barrel Length: 3.30″


Condition: Barrel cluster retains a very large percentage of original blue finish – Frame is a pleasant grey/brown age patina – Grips retain much of the original varnish with several dents & marks – Action appears to function as it should, but the firing pin does not rotate


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