1894 Rifle

Maker: Winchester Repeating Arms, New Haven, Conn.

Manufacture Date: October, 1894

Serial Number: 202

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An untouched, relic condition, model 1894 Winchester.  It is serial number 202, from the very first year of factory production.  The major difference in this, very early, model is the location of the cartridge guide screws and that they enter the receiver from the outside.  It has an octagon barrel, and a very unusual front sight, still intact.  Included with the gun is a letter from the Cody Firearms Records Office, stating this rifle was stamped with its serial number on October 24, 1894, and shipped from the warehouse on November 7, 1894.


Caliber: .38-55

Overall Length: 34.70″

Barrel Length: 26″


Condition: Rusted relic in untouched condition, missing the magazine tube, fore end and butt stock – Action frozen solid – Bore rough


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