Large Flintlock Pistol

Maker: Unknown, probably European, decorated in the Middle East


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A very unique flintlock pistol.  It was probably made in Europe and decorated in the Middle East.  The iron barrel is relief carved at its breech.  The brass barrel band and barrel overlay are very ornately decorated in a beautiful high relief Middle Eastern design.  The gun has an iron trigger guard, and an intricately engraved lock, hammer and frizzen.  There is a large silver butt cap, and a large, high relief, silver plaque on the top of the wrist.  There are a couple of markings on the left side of the barrel at its breech.  We do not know what they mean.  The left side, lock plate is lightly engraved with scallops around the inner edge, a real contrast to the detail in the rest of the gun.  The stock is highly figured walnut with deep carving, around the barrel tang.


Caliber: .64 flint

Overall Length: 20.75″

Barrel Length: 13.625″


Condition: Iron parts are a medium dark grey age patina with some staining – Brass furniture has a good age patina – Butt cap extension has pulled away from the grip, on the right side – Stock is excellent with only minor marks – False Ramrod – Action is good – Bore is not corroded


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