Hunting Sword

Maker: Unknown, probably German or Austrian

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A 19th century European hunting sword.  It is probably German or Austrian.  It is a very high quality sword with a brass hilt in the shape of a dog’s head.  The hilt is gold washed and has a very nice stag antler grip.  There is a dog and bird hunting scene on the langet, and another hunting scene on the cross guard of a dog and stag.  The quillion tips are dog’s heads, one facing up and one facing down.  The heavy blade shows forging flaws and a full length fuller.


Overall Length: 27.75″

Blade Length: 21.60″

Blade Width: 1.25″


Condition: Blade appears to have been cleaned, many years ago, and now shows scattered pitting and a very light age patina – Hilt is tight with no damage and retains much of the original gold gilt – Grip has a great age color with no chips or cracks


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