Early Sword

Maker: Unknown, Toledo, Spain

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An early 17th or 18th Century Spanish sword and guard with nicely made Victorian era hilt.  The decorated blade is marked “xx E N xxx T O L E D O xxxx”, on each side.  The original iron crossguard is intricately engraved with several human figures.  The delicate, high quality, Victorian era made hilt is deeply chiseled iron.


Overall Length: 36″

Blade Length: 29.2″

Blade Thickness: .29″


Condition: Blade shows forging flaws and is lightly pitted with a light grey patina, may have been shorted, during its period of use – Crossguard retains most of its original engraving with some pitting and a light patina – Hilt is in fine condition but is slightly loose on the blade


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