Delvigne Single Shot Deringer

Maker: Falisse & Trapman, Leige, Stockel

Serial Number: 50

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An all original, Delvigne percussion, breech loading, single shot pistol.  Made in Belgium under the French Patent, #12683, issued to Falisse and Trapman (1848 – 1884) of Leige, Stockel, on January 22nd, 1852.  It is finished bright and blue with checkered walnut grips.  It is scroll engraved on the frame, barrel and lever.  We have found it to be stamped “FT 50” in at least four places; on the rear portion of the frame, under the lever, on the underside of the lever itself, on the frame, under the barrel, and on a barrel flat, near its percussion nipple.  The top of the barrel is stamped “INVENTION DELVIGNE”, and it is proof marked on the underside of the barrel.  It is an underhammer, deringer or palm size pistol.  A very unusual design with very limited production.  This is only one of two, we have seen in over 30 years of dealing in antique firearms.


Caliber: Approx. .37

Overall Length: 4.75″

Barrel Length: 3.61″


Condition: Barrel retains traces of original blue – Lever retains a large percentage of what appears to be an original fire blue finish – Frame looks to have been finished bright with much of that high polish remaining – Grips are fine with only very minor marks – Action operates perfectly – Bore is a little rough with strong rifling


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