Confederate Remington trapdoor conversion Hyram Berdan A.B. Dyer Erskin Allin post Civil War



Confederate Enfield Experimental Conversion

Maker: E.P. Bond, London, England

Conversion by: Hyrum Berdan / Remington Arms Factory

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An 1853 Enfield, rifled musket, Confederate marked, Trapdoor type experimental breech loading conversion.  It is a post American Civil War era experimental conversion designed by Hyrum Berdan and done by the Remington Arms factory. The lockplate is stamped “E.P. BOND LONDON”.  The left side is stamped “PATENTED FEB 27 1866”.  Just behind the lower tang the stock is stamped “JS” with an anchor just below it.  There are several proof marks stamped in the left side of the barrel, at the breech.  The top of the butt plate is stamped “7000” with a large “B”, just above it in the stock.  There is also a hand carved “W” in the center of the left stock.  These rifles were the subject of a Man at Arms magazine article of February 2016, titled “Remington Conversion Trapdoor Muskets”, by Ed Hull.


Caliber:  Appears to be .58 Percussion

Overall Length: 54.75″

Barrel Length: 35.5″


Condition: Nice untouched condition with good age patina – All markings clear – Nice bore and crisp action


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