COLT’S POCKET ’49: It’s Evolution

Colt’s Pocket ’49: It’s Evolution
Including the Baby Dragoon & Wells Fargo
Author: Robert M. Jordan and Darrow M. Watt
ISBN: 0967481600

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The premier reference on Samuel Colt’s 1849 pocket pistols, including the “Baby Dragoon” and “Wells Fargo” models. Hundreds of detailed photographs, taken by the authors during their years of exhaustive research (including several guns from our personal collection). Includes the ADDENDUM Sheet and the SUMMARY Booklet.


301 Pages – Full Color
Publisher: Darrow M. Watt (author) – 2000
Hardcover – Did not come with dust jacket
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.25 x 1.25″


Condition: Like New


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