Pocket Size Powder Flask

Maker: Unknown

Model: 1849

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A Colt 1849 “Pocket Model” powder flask.  It is all original, and is embossed, on both sides, with an eagle holding a shield and arrows within its talons.  Thirteen stars are above the eagle’s head and wings.  “E. Pluribus Unum” is printed within a banner, at the lower edged, just below a pair of crossed pistols.  The body of the flask is brass with a brass charger.  This was probably produced during the American Civil War period.


Overall Length with Spout: 4.50″

Width: 2.02″

Thickness: 1.02″


Condition: A very dark age patina with no cleaning or polishing evident with one speck of white paint that would probably come right off, but may leave a bright spot when removed, so have left it, as found – One large dent on one side of the flask body, with a few much smaller dents on both sides – Charger operates as it should, with a touch of rust on the iron spring and screws


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