Colt Navy Powder Flask

Maker: Unknown

Circa: 1851 – 1861

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A very nice example of a Civil War era, 1851 – 1861 Colt Navy powder flask with a sloping charger tube.  The body is embossed with an eagle, cannon and flags motif, and is the the same on either side. It is all original and complete with a brass mechanism and steel spring.


Overall Height: 6.875″

Overall Width: 2.85″


Condition: Flask body is sound with tight seams and retains much of its original finish, balance is a nice, dark, aged patina – Has a shallow depressed area on one face, and a small dent just below the charger ring on the opposite side – Charger assembly works perfectly and is a good aged mustard color with much original gold gilt remaining – One screw head broken


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