Zouave Leggings

Maker: Unknown

Circa: American Civil War

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An original pair of, American Civil War era, Zouave uniform leggings or gaiters.  They are hand sewn, white canvas or duck fabric and are fully lined.  The bridge of each is quilted.  Each legging has nine button holes and nine white milk glass buttons, up their outer edges.  Each has a tarred leather strap with an adjustable metal buckle to secure it to the bottom of the soldier’s shoe or boot.  They are meant to go over the top of the shoe/boot and protect the lower leg.  The distinctive Zouave uniforms provided a very unique and dashing appearance.


Overall Height: 16.5″ (Not including strap)

Width at Top: 6″

Width at Bottom: 8″


Condition:  Fabric of body is intact but has yellowed with age with some minor soiling – Upper edge binding quite frayed, from use – Lining shows signs of wear and use – All 18 buttons are present – Both original straps are intact but show some loss of tarred finish – One metal button is missing for one boot strap


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