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Bronze – Signed

Title: “Little Big Chief” War Pony

Artist: David Manuel (American b.1940 – )

Foundry: Valley Bronze Foundry, Joseph, Oregon

Dated: 1983

Number: 12/100

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A beautiful bronze “Little Big Chief” War Pony by David Manuel.  The bronze is a signed, and dated 1983.  It is a limited edition, and is numbered 12 of 100.  It depicts an American Indian boy, wearing a feathered headdress applying red paint to his young pony.  Each of the symbols has meaning.  The red handprint on the pony’s flank signifys success in hand to hand combat.  The bronze is mounted to a conforming black walnut plinth.  David Manuel (1940 – ) is an American born artist, with many honors to his name is still producing quality pieces.  He lives in the American Northwest,.


Base Dimentions: 14.60″ x 9.50″

Overall Height: 12″


Condition:  Excellent – No damage to bronze, a few very minor marks to the plinth


Questions: Call 801-554-5120

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