Werndl Rifle Bayonet

Maker: Unknown Austrian

Model: 1867

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A saber bayonet made to fit the Austrian Werndl Holub, model 1867, rifle.  The iron blade is of the Yataghan style and the grip scales are checkered leather.  The serial number “203” is stamped on the end of the hilt.  It is also stamped, on the side of the blade, near the hilt, with the Austrian crest (a crowned King’s profile), and the letter “F” on the center edge of the crossguard.  It has a spring catch mechanisim, in the hilt, on one side.


Overall Length: 28.15″

Blade Length: 22.70″

Blade Width: 1.27″


Condition: Iron parts retain a dark age patina with some scattered rust pitting – Grips have deterorated, primarily on the left side scale – Spring catch mechanisim operates properly


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