Powder Horn

Maker: Unknown

Circa: 18th or early 19th Century

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A wonderfull flattened cow horn powder flask.  It has iron hanger rings and a leather shoulder strap.  The carved wood stopper is attached to the powder horn by an old twisted cord/string.  The wooden base plug is secured with iron nails.  It is hard to know if the stopper and leather strap are original, to this powder horn, but it is highly probable.  The antique strap has seen much use and is typical of its original purpose.


Overall Length with Stopper: 9.75″

Width including Hangers: 4.35″

Thickness: 1.56″


Condition: Horn & iron fittings have a dark age patina, just as you want to see for a powder horn this old – No cracks, filler or repairs – Strap finish is heavily cracked, whole strap is very weak and has been repaired in two spots (one stiched and one glued) with another area where it is nearly torn completely


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