Trench Knife

Model 1917

Maker: Landers, Frary & Clark, New Britain, Conn.

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An original, World War I era, U.S. Military 1917 model trench knife with its original leather scabbard.  The triangular blade is blued, and the grips are walnut.  It is made by Landers, Frary & Clark, and is dated 1917 on the front of the knuckle guard.  The scabbard is stamped “M6” on the side of the metal throat & tip, and “H.E.” on the top, near the opening.


Overall Length in the Scabbard: 14.80″

Length of Knife: 14″

Blade Length: 9″


Condition: Blade & Guard retain a high percentage of their original blue finish – Blade edges have several nicks – Grip is very good with just minor marks – Scabbard retains much of the original grey/green finish on the leather, but the thread holding the seam has weakened, and the seam has split – One rivet is loose on the scabbard tip, but intact and does not fall out


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