U.S. Bolo Knife

Makers: American Cutlery Company, Chicago, Illinois (Knife)

Landers, Frary & Clark, New Britain, Conn. (Scabbard)

Manufacture Dates: 1918 (Both Pieces)


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An original WW 1 era, 1917 bolo knife.  The right ricasso is stamped, ”U.S. // MOD.1917 // CT.”.  The left ricasso is stamped ”A.C.CO. // Chicago // 1918”.  The grips are ribbed walnut with a dark color.  The original ribbed steel scabbard was made by Landers, Frary & Clark, and is dated 1918.  It still retains its original leather hanger and brass hooks.


Overall Length: 15.55″ Knife in Scabbard

Kinfe Length: 14.80″

Blade Length: 10.20″


Condition: Blade has never been sharpened and retains much of its original blackened finish – Grips are excellent with only minor marks, and a touch of rust on the end of the bolts – Scabbard retains nearly all of its original olive drab green paint with three dents to the metal – Hanger still remains its, as issued, light tan color


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