Bolo Knife

Model: 1907

Maker: Artilleria Fca Naciona, Toledo, Spain

Serial Number: 1767

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A 1907 Spanish Artillery short sword with a leather scabbard and checkered wood grips.  The knife has a spring catch to lock it into the scabbard. The serial number, “1767”, is stamped on the left ricasso.  The right ricasso is stamped with the maker’s name, “ARTILLERIA Fca NACIONA TOLEDO”, with a crown and crossed cannons below.


Overall Length of Knife: 17.25″

Overall Length in Scabbard: 18.40″

Blade Length: 11.75″

Blade Width: 1.48″

Blade Thickness: .25″


Condition: Blade has been cleaned and is bright with some cleaning marks and dark spots – Blade markings are partially obliterated from the cleaning process – Crossguard and Hilt retain much of their original blue finish – Grips are very good with a few marks and nicks – Scabbard tip and Throat retain much of their original blue with some scattered rust – Leather is nice with some minor losses of its black finish


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