U.S. Martial Carbine

Model: 1851

Maker: Robbins & Lawrence, Windsor, Vermont

Serial Number: 246

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A rare Sharps, Maynard primed, .52 caliber percussion boxlock, 1851 U.S. martial carbine.  This gun is one of only 150 ordered by the Chief of U.S. Ordnance, Colonel Henry K. Craig, in February of 1852.  They were issued to the 1st and 2nd U.S. Dragoons in Texas and New Mexico.  There are only 20 known examples, currently in museums and collector’s hands.  This one is serial numbered “246”, on the tang behind the hammer.  It is also stamped “C. Sharps Patent 1848″, in front of the serial number.  It has a squirrel ear rear sight, a long sling bar, and oil finished stocks.


Caliber: .52 percussion

Overall Length: 37.5″

Barrel Length: 21.25”


Condition: A very nice untouched example with good dark age patina on all of the iron & brass parts – Wood stock & forend with only minor nicks & marks – Bore dark – Action is crisp and Maynard priming system is complete and working perfectly


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