Pocket Model Revolver

Maker: Colt’s Patent Firearms Mfg. Co., Hartford, Conn.


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A British proofed, 1849 Colt pocket model size revolver cased with its accessories.  In the beautifully crafted oak case is an instruction label within the lid, a bullet mold, an English style, bag shaped, powder flask, a cap tin, a packet of combustible cartridges, a cleaning rod, a nipple wrench/screwdriver, an assortment of 31 caliber round ball and conical lead bullets, and the case key.  The walnut grips have been finished with a deluxe piano finish.  All the serial numbers match, including the wedge, cylinder arbor and loading lever.


Caliber: .31 percussion

Overall Length: 10.90″

Barrel Length: 6″

Case Dimensions: 12.3″ x 7.2″ x 2.5″


Condition: Revolver retains a high percentage of its original blue and case hardened finishes – Grips retain nearly all of their original finish with a few marks and bruises – Action is crisp – Bore is excellent – Case is excellent with only minor marks – Cartridge packet is very good – Flask has some roughness to the finish and a few small dents – Nipple Wrench/Screwdriver retains a high percentage of its original blue finish – Bullet mold has only traces of its original finish and several dents and dings – Cap tin is unopened with a very good label


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