1840 Model Artillery Sabre

Maker: Unknown, Probably European

Manufacture Date: 1861

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An original U.S., 1840 model, Artillery sabre with its original iron scabbard.  The right ricasso is stamped “J.T. 1861″, but is otherwise unmarked.  It is probably a European import for the Union side of the American Civil War.  The brass hilt and guard has an original leather and twisted double wire wrapped grip.  The original leather blade washer is intact.


Overall Length in Scabbard: 39″

Overall Length of Sword: 37.30″

Blade Length: 31.75″

Blade Width: 1.24”


Condition:  Blade is a grey metal with a chip in the edge at about the middle of its length with a few other minor nicks – Brass retains an untouched age patina with some dark staining – Hilt cap has a small dent at the top edge – Leather grip and wire are in excellent condition – Scabbard is bright metal with several nicks, dents and stains


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